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Group Portfolios

Business-Boosting Solutions for the 2021 Selling Season!

Health Net is your source for rich benefit plans without the big price tag. Our 2021 Small and Large Group Business Portfolios deliver a strong mix of whole-health benefits and extra-value programs – making them both attractive to your clients and easy for you to sell.

What’s New for 2021?

Small Group Plans

  • PPO and CommunityCare plans. We’ve added five new competitive PPO plans to our product lineup:
    • Two Primary Advantage Gold plans (featuring a $0 PCP, Lab/X-ray and Generic Drug copay).
    • 3 New Silver plans - two HDHP and one Primary Advantage Silver.
    • Two new low deductible CommunityCare Platinum plans.
  • Outpatient ambulatory service center cost share has been changed to reflect a 10% lower coinsurance compared to the hospital outpatient benefit.
  • HSA integration is now available through Health Equity for our high-deductible PPO plans. A proven expert in financial arrangement integration and administration, HealthEquity offers easy-to-use tools and comprehensive resources.

Large Group Plans

  • Out-of-network deductibles and out of pocket maximums have been reduced from 3X to 2X the in-network amounts.
  • All PPO Advantage plans have a split copay for PCP & Specialist office visits and now offer laboratory and X-ray services at a $20 copay.
  • Outpatient ambulatory surgery center cost share has been changed to reflect a 10% lower coinsurance compared to the hospital outpatient benefit.
  • Advantage, Essential and Primary Advantage Plans (focused on no or low cost PCP visits and $0 copay lab/X-ray services).
  • Outpatient rehabilitation and therapy benefits are now covered at the PCP copay on our Advantage PPO and CommunityCare.
  • CommunityCare High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) plan designs with PCP and Specialist copays after deductible. Health Savings Account (HSA) integration is available on these plans through HealthEquity.

Great Portfolio Values Continue for All Group Sizes

  • Our Portfolio Suite of PPO plan choices, Oregon CommunityCare tailored network plans, and HDHP plans are still available.
  • Enhanced Choice: the defined contribution package solution that gives your clients more choice, and no limit to any combination of Health Net Small group plans. Mix and match Gold plans with Silver plans for employee choice. Large groups can also take advantage of Enhanced Choice.
  • All the extras: dental, vision, chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathic, massage therapy, and wellness tools and resources.
  • Active&Fit Direct: fitness facility discount through American Specialty Health, available as a core benefit. No cost to the employer and only $25 monthly allows the employee access to all participating facilities.
  • Large Business Group HSA/HRA Integration: We partner with HealthEquity for HSA integration alongside our HDHP (HSA-compatible) plans and HRA integration for our PPO plans.

Get Ready to Sell!

Small and Large Business Groups sales materials are now available on Forms and Brochures.

Contact your local Health Net Account Executive to quote us today!