Why Choose Health Net?

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Quality, Affordable Plans for Every Stage of Life

We believe you deserve a safety net for your health – regardless of your age, income, employment status, or current state of health. So if you're looking for a quality, affordable health plan for you and your family, you're in the right spot.

Top Five Reasons to Choose Health Net

  1. Competitive, affordable health plans. We're often among the lowest cost – for individuals, families, people with Medicare, and businesses.
  2. Our care management programs help improve outcomes and productivity. We keep your business growing by helping people stay healthy and reduce high service costs.
  3. Part of the community. We work to better inform, educate and support what you'll need to get improved health care.
  4. Backed by a Fortune 51 company. We ensure you'll have a dependable health plan.
  5. Accredited by The National Committee for Quality Assurance. Providing high-quality health services to a wide variety of plans for individuals, groups and Medicare beneficiaries.

As you compare options, you'll see a range of competitively-priced health plans for every stage of life that include:

Together we can find the right plan for you and your family. Why not start or continue your journey to good health now? Find a plan that works for you.