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Health Net + Sharecare: What's your RealAge? Find out your body's true age and learn tips to improve your health to turn back the clock. Visit healthnetoregon.sharecare.com to get started and get a step closer to earning your $50 reward!

Take Charge of Your Health

Change your mindset and begin your journey today! When you add healthy lifestyle habits into your daily routine, you'll feel better and healthier! Health Net has partnered with Sharecare to bring you a variety of health and wellness tools to help you take charge of your health.

Steps to Take for a Healthier You

Choose the tools, resources and programs that work for you! They come with our plans at no extra cost. Looking for the best way to reach your health goals? Log in to your account to access these programs and services to help you and your family stay healthy.

RealAge Test (Health Assessment)

The RealAge Test is a dynamic measure of how behaviors, conditions, mental wellness, finances, and social interactions impact actual calendar age. Receive instant results that give you recommended next steps and resources based on your unique health profile.

Wellness Rewards Program

Get $50 in rewards! Take the online RealAge Test (health assessment) and share the results with your primary care physician to earn a $50 Visa gift card.

Personal Health Profile

Store, maintain, track, and manage your health information in one centralized, private and secure location.

Nurse Advice Line - 1-800-893-5597

You can talk to a nurse any time of day or night! You can reach out with any health concern, from how best to manage a chronic condition to how to treat a minor injury. Our nurses are trained to ask the right questions to help you get the care you need and the help to better manage your health. 

Telephonic Health Coaching Program

Unlimited access to registered dieticians, respiratory therapists, health educators and social workers who will help you adopt positive lifestyle changes. Topics include healthy weight, physical activity, smoking/tobacco use, managing stress and more!

Digital Health Coaching Program (Lessons)

Online coaching programs related to stress, quit smoking, exercise, weight, gaps in care and more! Lessons typically take 14-21 days to complete depending on which lesson you participate in.

Craving to Quit

Our tobacco cessation program offers over the phone 1:1 support, with web-based resources and chat help every step of the way. The tobacco cessation program covers any type of tobacco, including the use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), such as e-cigarettes and e-pipes. The program lets you talk with a quit coach for encouragement and support and offers a personalized plan to quit.

Decision Power Healthy Discounts

Save with discounts on weight loss solutions with Jenny Craig® and Weight Watchers®, and on other health and wellness products and services.


A private online resource tailored to help improve your mood. The program provides many self-help tools designed to help improve your mental and physical health.

Wellness Webinar Series

Sign up today for our monthly webinars on a variety of wellness topics! Some of our topics include, but are not limited to, managing chronic pain, preparing for cold and flu season, handling holiday stress, managing money and much more!

Community Connect

Find services like food, shelter, job training, legal assistance, and more. We are proud to partner with Aunt Bertha to help you find programs and services in your area.

Have Questions?

Contact us at 1-800-893-5597