Wellness Resources

Decision Power®: Health in Balance

Getting people to engage in their health is the most important step to reversing the patterns that can lead to higher costs and lower economic output. Taking that step is the hardest thing for many people.

Decision Power® is the Bridge to Action

By meeting the needs of the whole person – from wellness resources to health coaching, chronic condition management to end-stage disease support – Decision Power® helps reduce high-cost service utilization and supports workplace productivity.

Decision Power® is our long-term investment in the health of your organization. And one more way we're working in partnership with you to combat the cost of health care and achieve true consumer-directed health. Decision Power® from Health Net – it's what works for business.

Informed Consumerism

The power to choose, the knowledge to choose wisely. When it comes to quality health care decisions, everyone's different and there's often more than one right answer. That's why employees choose when and how to use Decision Power®. By providing anytime access to a wide range of information, resources and support, Decision Power® makes it possible to make health decisions based on individual values, situation and preferences.

Doctor-Patient Principle is Key

Working with doctors, not around them, is the lynchpin that distinguishes Decision Power® from typical health and wellness programs. We work in respectful partnership with the physicians closest to the patient, creating an environment of professional collaboration versus one of contention.

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