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Health Net Ranks Highest In Customer Service Among Health Insurers

Date: 10/27/21

Health Net ranks the highest in customer service among Health Insurers in Forrester’s proprietary 2021 US Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) survey. The ranking was based on responses from more than 85,000 US survey respondents from 13 US industries, including health care plans.

“For decades we have been dedicated to improving the health of the communities we serve and to building partnerships that provide access to high-quality care for our health plan membership,” said Chris Hummer, CEO of Health Net of Oregon. “This recognition is especially meaningful and underscores our continued commitment to meeting the unique and diverse needs of our members and ensuring they have access to integrated services that support their whole health, from medical care, to increased access to food, housing and transportation for those in need, to culturally appropriate services, and more.”

Forrester’s CX Index score measures how a company delivers customer experiences that create and sustain loyalty. Conducted for the seventh year in a row, Forrester's 2021 CX Index results are benchmarked on a survey of 85,073 US customers across 220 BRANDS and 13 industries. CX leaders grow revenue faster, drive higher brand preference, and can charge more for their products. Additionally, CX Index helps brands identify the key drivers of a positive CX for their customers to prioritize efforts. Even a minor improvement to a brand's customer experience quality can add tens of millions of dollars of revenue by reducing customer churn and increasing share of wallet. Superior CX leads to reduced service costs and lowers the cost of customer acquisition through word of mouth.

“The past year has revealed how brands that keep their customers at the center of all they do can continue to meet evolving customer needs even in a crisis,” said Michelle Yaiser, VP of CX Analytics at Forrester. “The brands that adapted how they engaged with customers while continuing to make them feel good about their interactions saw higher CX Index scores, increased customer loyalty, and a larger group of devoted customers.”

Forrester’s CX Index gives businesses a deep and actionable understanding of the quality of their customers’ experiences, competitive benchmark data so that business and technology leaders know how they stack up against their peers, and the ability to model the improvements that will have the biggest impact on revenue.