Mail Order Basics

Health Net's mail order pharmacies offer the convenience of home delivery for most member's maintenance prescriptions.

Only prescription drugs covered by member’s pharmacy benefits may be filled through the mail order pharmacy. Prescriptions for drugs or supplies that are not covered will be returned unfilled. Some drugs may not be available through the mail order pharmacy. Contact Us for more information.

The mail order pharmacy should be used only for maintenance drugs, i.e., drugs needed for a long-term condition. Antibiotics for infections and painkillers for pain due to injury are examples of drugs for short-term conditions that should not be obtained from the mail order pharmacy.

Members should only use the mail order pharmacy to obtain drugs they have previously received. All first-time prescriptions should be filled at a participating pharmacy. This will ensure the appropriate dose has been determined and the ability to tolerate the drug has been established.

  1. View the mail order options below.
  2. Complete both sides of the Mail Order Pharmacy Form.
  3. Mail the completed Mail Order Pharmacy Form with the original prescription(s) (no photocopies) and payment or credit card number for the copayment(s) or coinsurance to the address listed on the form.

To refill mail order prescriptions, members should contact us 14 days before the drugs on hand will run out to make sure the next order is shipped in time. Typically, a member should expect to receive their prescription drugs within 10 days from the time that the mail order pharmacy receives the order. If the member does not receive their prescription drug(s) within this time, please ask them to Contact Us.

Mail order pharmacy benefits vary from plan to plan. Have your employers check their plan documents or Contact Us for information about mail order copays.

If they have questions about their order, ask them to call the mail order pharmacy listed on the form. For questions about pharmacy benefits, drug coverage, copayments, or coinsurance, Contact Us.