Form 1095-B

Be Prepared for Tax Season with Help from Health Net

Your proof of health coverage form (1095-B) will arrive soon

Health Net will mail Form 1095-B to our members starting January 31, 2024. This form is not required when you file your federal or state 2023 tax return. But, we do suggest that you keep this form with your tax information. This is in case you are asked to provide proof of your health care coverage.

Form 1095-B is not required in order to file your 2023 tax return. The Form is for your reference and documentation only. As required by the law, Health Net also files a copy of the Form with the IRS. The IRS advises that certain types of minimum essential coverage may affect an individual’s eligibility for a premium tax credit.

Your 1095-B Health Coverage Statement

Important 2023 Tax Information from Health Net Health Plan of Oregon, Inc., "Health Net"

Health Net will mail tax Form 1095-B to everyone who had individual or group health coverage with us in 2023. This includes:

  • Small Business Group
  • Large Business Group

In the case of group family coverage, Health Net sends the form to the covered employee on behalf of all the family members.

Health Net also sends the information gathered on the Form 1095-B to the IRS. It is recommended that you save this form with your tax records and show it to your tax preparer, if you use one.

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What is Form 1095-B: Health Coverage?

Form 1095-B: Health Coverage is a tax form that is used to verify that you, and any covered dependents, have health coverage that qualifies as minimum essential coverage. This form shows:

  • The type of health coverage you have
  • Any dependents covered by your plan
  • The dates of coverage for the tax year

Why do I need Form 1095-B?

The Affordable Care Act's individual shared responsibility provision require that you have minimum essential coverage or qualify for an exemption. Form 1095-B shows when you had health coverage during the 2023 tax year.

When will I receive Form 1095-B?

Health Net will begin mailing Form 1095-B to members January 31, 2024.

What do I need to do with Form 1095-B?

Save it with your other tax-related documents so that you have it on hand when you or a tax professional prepares and files your taxes. Keep it with your other tax information in the event the IRS require you to provide it as proof of your health care coverage.

Do I need to include my Form 1095-B when I file my taxes?

No. You do not need to include Form 1095-B with your federal or state tax return. However, the IRS recommend that you save it with your tax records in the event you are required to provide it as proof of your health care coverage. If you use a tax preparer, you can show the form to him or her, along with your other tax information.

How does the IRS know that I had minimum essential coverage in 2023?

Health Net submits the information on Form 1095-B to the IRS to document your health coverage in 2023. We are legally required to do this for all individuals to whom we provided minimum essential coverage.

Where can I learn more about this law and my responsibility?

The IRS website is a good resource. You may also talk with a tax advisor.

How do I get another copy of my Form 1095-B?

If you did not receive your Form 1095-B or would like to request a replacement copy, please call us at the number on your Health Net ID card.

What should I do if the information on my Form 1095-B is incorrect?

If the information on your Form 1095-B is incorrect, please give us a call. Our phone number is on your Health Net ID card.

What if I have questions about the information on my Form 1095-B?

For any questions about the information on your Form 1095-B, please give us a call. Our phone number is on your Health Net ID card.