Want to provide a consumer-directed care program for your employees while you both save money? Sign up for an HRA or HSA-compatible insurance plan.

What is a Health Savings Account?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) allows members to set aside a portion of their pre-tax income to an interest-bearing account used for qualified medical expenses and medications. Anyone enrolled in a high-deductible health plan can contribute to an HSA. Benefits include:

  • The money stays with the member, even if they change jobs
  • No time limit on using funds
  • Contributions are free of FICA and FUTA taxes

To enroll, contact a Health Net sales representative or your broker.

More Information

Integrated HSA/HRA

Health Net delivers integrated solutions for both health savings account (HSA) and health reimbursement account (HRA) health plans through HealthEquity, a proven expert in financial arrangement integration and administration.

The addition of account integration provides a whole new level of service, convenience and choice for you and your employees. With HealthEquity's easy-to-use tools and comprehensive resources, you and your employees can take full advantage of this streamlined account administration facilitated by Health Net – at no additional cost.

HSA/HRA Advantages

The HSA/HRA product offering is an opportunity for you to offer consumer-directed plans to your employees, empowering them to build health savings and benefit from significant tax savings. It also means employees will be able to have a record of their claims and what to pay or not pay.

Benefits of HSA/HRA products:

  • Employees can typically save on insurance premiums
  • Savings can be deposited tax-free into an HSA account
  • Savings roll over year after year allowing for future medical spending
  • Employer contributions to medical spending account
  • Savings build fast

The HealthEquity customer service and website have strong reputations for excellence. Your employees' experience with the integrated product will include:

  • 24/7/365 toll-free HealthEquity telephone support
  • Online account access via a link from HealthNet.com (post log-in) for claim, balance and transaction information
  • Free investment options (trades and transactions) on the HealthEquity Investment Platform

Please contact your broker or Health Net Sales consultant for more information on integrated accounts or visit the HealthEquity website.

Member Benefits

  • Low premiums
  • No referrals
  • Combined medical and pharmacy deductible
  • Tax-free contributions
  • Investible rollover savings
  • HSA funds earn interest