Tailored Network Plans

Health Net is recognized as a driving force in tailored network strategies. This stems from our ability to look more closely at key provider partners who share the same commitment to offering quality, affordable products. The result – we discover more opportunities to build network solutions that match the varying needs of our customers.


Built on a strategic partnership with Portland-Metro providers, Health Net CommunityCare delivers long-term sustainability through a unique blend of benefits, tailored network and personal, whole health support.

With CommunityCare, members can choose among three plan options, as well as a range of deductibles. And by going to in-network providers, members can cut their cost through split cost share.

With a tailored network, and no referrals, members have a more personalized, trusted relationship with their providers. And with healthy living incentives, including health risk assessments, coaching and wellness programs, members are motivated to make healthy choices. Employees receive all of this, while employers maintain the flexibility they need.

To enroll, contact a Health Net sales representative or your broker.


  • No referrals needed
  • Healthy living incentives
  • Several plan options and deductibles to choose from