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Decision Power®: Your Health. Your Time. Your Choice.

Decision Power Health & Wellness is a complimentary benefit available to Health Net members.

  • Nurse24SM – a licensed nurse offers reliable guidance any time day or night, via phone or chat. You can reach out with any health concern, from how best to manage a chronic condition to how to treat a minor injury. Our nurses are trained to ask the right questions to help you get the care you need and the help to better manage your health.
  • Health Risk Questionnaire – with instant results and interactive features, this is your gateway to recommendations and resources based on your unique health profile.
  • Health Promotion Programs (formerly Healthy Living Programs) – make better choices for a healthier future with programs that offer you the tools and guidance on healthy aging, exercise, nutrition, tobacco cessation, stress management, weight loss, and more.
  • Personal Health Record – store, maintain, track, and manage your health information in one centralized, private and secure location.
  • Decision Power Healthy Discounts – save with discounts on weight loss solutions with Jenny Craig®; and Weight Watchers®, and on other health and wellness products and services.
  • Decision Power Healthy Pregnancy – offers comprehensive pre-natal and post delivery care; program includes web resources, books and access to a 24/7 BabyLine, which offers 1:1 conversations with a nurse on topics related to pregnancy, delivery and newborn care.
  • Decision Power Tools – Recipe Finder, Decision Aides, Quizzes and Assessments, Games, monthly newsletters and videos on a variety of health topics to help you stay healthy.

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Disclaimer: Health Net Decision Power Healthy Discounts is not intended as a benefit program purchased from Health Net. The Decision Power Healthy Discounts program is made available to specified Health Net members free of charge. Decision Power Healthy Discounts programs offer discounts on products/reduced-fee services. However, the products and services available from Decision Power Healthy Discounts are not part of your medical benefits plan, but are part of Health Net's Wellness Program available to its members. Decision Power Healthy Discounts providers are independent businesses. Health Net does not directly contract with providers. Services and/or supplies must be purchased directly from a Decision Power Healthy Discounts provider.

Health Net members have access to Decision Power® through their current enrollment with any of the following Health Net companies: Health Net of Oregon, Inc.; Health Net Life Insurance Company.

For Health Net Commercial members: Decision Power® is not part of Health Net's commercial medical benefit plans. Also, it is not affiliated with Health Net's provider network and it may be revised or withdrawn without notice.